Bug Week!

Bug Week!

We were very fortunate to welcome some tiny visitors from the Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June. They ranged from animals such as; stick insects to tarantulas to millipedes. Visitors were able to hold them (with the help of our staff) or watch to see how amazing and complex these animals were, whilst asking questions about their habitat, what they ate, and all their interesting facts!

On Friday 2 June the “Love a maggot!” stand invited everyone to learn a little more about the medicinal use of maggots, about their extraordinary little lives, and how they have helped heal wounds and save limbs from amputation. Everyone was invited to “feel how maggots feel”!

Dr Yamni Nigam, founder of the Swansea University Maggot research group said: “The most common association with maggots is “Eek!”, and this ‘yuck’ factor may be preventing us from benefiting from maggots. Better education about maggots, what they do and how they work could help people change their minds. The Swansea University ‘Love a Maggot’ campaign was set up to encourage people to challenge their existing preconceptions, by getting up close to live maggots and learning just how effective they are for treating chronic, stubborn wounds including pressure (bed) sores, diabetic foot ulcers, leg ulcers caused by vascular disease and even severe burns.”

Director of Oriel Science said: “Insects are an extremely common life form but few people know much about them, such as their potential uses in medicine or food sources. It’s wonderful that Oriel Science hosted Swansea University’s insect researchers to enable the public to get up close to all sorts of creepy crawlies and to learn more about these incredible animals.”

If you have any photos of yourself with our lovely bugs, please give it a share and tag @orielscience.

All the bugs were donated to us for the week by their loving owners, so a BIG THANK-YOU as we couldn’t have done it without them.

If you have anything that you think would make a good event/part of an exhibition for us to borrow, then please get in touch!