Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures

Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures

For their Christmas event, Oriel Science hosted the exceptional Nick Baker, who presented “Weird Creatures” at the Talesin. The Oriel Science team organised two shows, offering schools (Years 5, 6, and 7) the chance to see just accessible science can be with the exceptional Nick Baker.

Nick talked about his experiences travelling the world in search of the weird, and wonderful. From the Andes, to the baggy frogs of Lake Titicaca, to the darkest depths of Slovenia’s caves to meet the Olm.

Nick Baker's Weird Creatures

Each school had something wonderful to say about the event, be it from inspiring their pupils, to providing a different way to think about science. Mary Gagen, Deputy director of Oriel Science  said “the students were clearly enthralled by Nick’s amazing stories of weird and wonderful creatures. You could hear a penny drop as Nick described being left in pitch black darkness in a cave, 4km underground, to look for Olms, a fabled Slovenian salamander once believed by locals to be baby dragons!”

Nick Baker and Oriel Science Staff

Mary Gagen (Oriel Science Deputy Director), Gemma Woodhouse (Oriel Science Student Ambassador), Alicia Petersen (Biology Outreach Tutor), Kristi Pracki (Physics Outreach Tutor), Nick Baker and Hannah Williams (Biology Outreach Tutor).