Oriel Science Halloween And Weird Science!

Oriel Science Halloween and Weird Science!

Halloween is a very fun time for scientists, and 2017 was no different. Oriel Science hosted Weird Science in the National Waterfront Museum. The fantastic ambassadors of Oriel Science hosted a range of activities for the children and families who came to visit at the National Waterfront Museum. We had out bizarre animals in our “Spooky creatures” gallery where the visitors were challenged to identify which of the creatures in the gallery were in fact real. Some of the creatures included some familiar faces from series such as Harry Potter and Star wars, alongside the real life creatures such as the Myanmar stub-nosed money, and the Indian Purple Frog.

Our ambassadors also showcased screaming balloons, using nothing but a balloon and a hexagonal nut that would make the balloon vibrate, or rather, “scream”. Our ever-popular Goo of course made an appearance in various forms such as “Monsters slime” and “Alien galactic slime”. A new Spider web game was also introduced, much to the enjoyment of many of the children that replicated how a Spider senses vibrations, with the goal being to carefully remove “bugs” from the box without the spider noticing. Keep an eye out for our other seasonal science activities coming up in future events!