September 2016 – June 2017.


Want to learn about science research done in universities?

You could do so at Oriel Science, a unique Exhibition Centre where Swansea University’s research was showcased to the community.

Comments from our visitors included:

• “Thank you for enthusing the children and making them see that science is fun! Diolch” – Teacher.
• “I want to do more science workshops” – Student.
• “Good, central location, great to see something different and interesting in the city centre.” – Visitor.

Opened in September 2016 as a temporary “pop-up” gallery in Swansea’s city centre, Oriel Science’s vision was to use eye-catching, captivating and interactive displays to take our visitors on a journey through a research theme, allowing them to pause, think and engage with scientific research.

Oriel Science caters for all:

• Younger visitors – had their curiosity ignited, encouraging them to choose STEMM (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) subjects at school and inspired them towards University degrees, helping repair the shortfall in these subject areas.
• Older visitors – developed their scientific literacy, by demonstrating how research impacts our daily lives, focussing particularly on Swansea University’s research.

During its 100 opening days from September 2016 to June 2017, Oriel Science proved to be a tremendous success welcoming 16,000 public visitors and a further 1,000 school students attending organised workshops.

Oriel Science’s first exhibition’s theme was “The Story of Time” and featured over a dozen exciting exhibits, including

1. A “Back to the Future” DeLorean sports car, welcoming visitors to the gallery.
2. A mock-up of CERN’s enormous Large Hadron Collider – the machine that discovered the Higgs boson.
3. A video showing the entire 3km front of a 50 storey high Greenland glacier breaking off to form icebergs.
4. A time-lapse video of the southern stars augmented by an audio track taken from NASA’s Voyager Deep Space Probe, and
5. A “Future wall” where visitors expressed their thoughts for the future – now with its own Twitter page: @FutureSwansea.


Our temporary “pop-up” gallery trialled our concept and it was overwhelmingly successful. Much to the delight of its developers at Swansea University, 98% of our visitors would recommend us to a friend, 97% thought our location was great and 95% learnt more about science from their visit.