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Oriel Science’s Spooktacular!

Oriel Science’s Spooktacular!

Once again Oriel Science brought out some spooky science for their Halloween events, and introduced their new skeleton friends to the public, who were kindly loaned to us by the department of human health sciences, here at Swansea University! They allowed members of the public to get hands on learning to understand how bones in the human body worked and functioned. From different parts of the skull, to the intricacies of the rib cage and sternum, and even what the inside of a bone looked like was on offer. Members of the public were also able to take part in a Oriel Science X-Ray activity to experience first hand the process behind the medical marvel. Oriel Science Ambassadors were also on hand to demonstrate how you can calculate your expected height from just the size of your femur!



Oriel Science were there the entire day, not just with skeletons and X-ray machines, but with another Oriel Science café based around a suitably terrifying topic, Professor Iwan Morus led the visitors on a discussion of the science behind Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and the scarily similar experiments going on, 200 years ago. Our new Skeleton friend even got in on the talk!

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