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Swansea University’s Oriel Science will proudly be hosting “Super Science Saturday”, a British Science Week Special, at the National Waterfront Museum on Saturday 10th March.

From 12pm-4pm visitors of all ages will see a huge range of interactive science exhibits. From our ever famous goo, the hydrogen powered bike, insects, and more with over 20 stalls of interactive exhibits!

Spend the day exploring current research with hands on learning, suitable for the entire family!

There will also be talks from special guests throughout the afternoon – see the list below.

And admission is FREE!!

Twenty plus exhibitors which include:

• How “Yeast Power” can blow up balloons and make elephant toothpaste;
• Swansea University Race Engineering car simulator;
• Wearable device for research into epilepsy;
• Will I die if I fall into a black hole?
• How do you programme a simple robot to complete a variety of tasks?
• Get up close to insects and find out about their roles in ecosystems and our lives;
• Find out about the science behind nappies;
• Our Carbon Footprint – How carbon can be recycled and reused?

We thank the Women’s Equality Network Wales for organising many of these talks to help celebrate “International Women’s Day”.

12pm – “Why We Laugh” – with Prof Sophie Scott.
Learn surprising facts about laughter in this fast-paced, action-packed dash through the science of cracking up.

1 pm – “Is Artificial Intelligence Sexist?”
Join this panel debate to explore whether the fact of women being a 30% minority in the technology industry is reflected in the products it produces. If those teaching computers to act like humans are mainly men, is it likely that the resulting products will be gender biased? This fascinating discussion includes speakers Dr Hélène de Ribaupierre, Lecturer, Cardiff University School of Computer Science and Informatics, and Ivana Bartoletti, Principal consultant, Privacy and Data Protection, at Gemserv and Chair of Fabian Women’s Network. Julie James AM is also scheduled to be on this panel.

2pm – “The XX Factor”
Featuring live science experiments and plenty of audience interaction suitable for all the family, learn about some of the awe-inspiring discoveries and breakthroughs made by women scientists.

2.30pm – “Hot spots and cool places – What’s it really like on a science expedition?” by Dr Mary Gagen, Swansea University.

3pm – An Audience with Weather presenter Behnaz Akhgar
Join the BBC Wales Today weather presenter as she discusses her role as a presenter, her tips for success and the fascinating science of Meteorology. Originally from Iran, Behnaz came to Swansea when she was 10 years old and has lived in Wales ever since.

You can’t miss this if you love science!

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