Team Members

Kristi Praki (Outreach Tutor)

Kristi grew up in Gloucestershire, but moved to Wales in 2008 to study physics at Swansea University. She currently has a Master’s degree in theoretical physics and is working towards her PhD. As well as being a member of the Oriel team, Kristi is also a part of our partner project, the S4 Science for Schools Scheme, a science outreach project that provides free hands on science workshops to students from local schools. Kristi loves to draw and paint and can often be found trying to explain scientific ideas to people by doodling.

Liz Kenny (Communications)

Liz is a Research Administrator in the Physics Department at Swansea University. Her interest lies in History and Education and she completed her degree and PGCE/MA in Swansea. Her research followed the life works of the notorious Restoration era poet Aphra Behn. Away from work Liz enjoys the outdoors and what better place to live than the Gower. Her passion has always been horse-riding, ever since she was put on a horse aged 3! Liz also has a separate passion/career as a qualified makeup-artist.

Poppy Morgan
(Science Communication Intern)

Poppy grew up in the New Forest and is an aspiring science communicator. She has a passion to make science more accessible by explaining complex ideas in an exciting and engaging way, and by inspiring more young people. Poppy studied evolutionary anthropology at the University of Kent, where she was also a junior osteologist. She has a love for learning from all branches of science and is an avid science festival attendee, as well as recommending FutureLearn’s free online courses. Poppy used to be a sweet maker and is slightly obsessed with Harry Potter.