The Story Of Time

The Story of Time

What is it? Where does it go to? What does Science say about time? These are some of the questions that our The Story of Time exhibition investigates.

Visitors are welcomed by a Back to the Future DeLorean sports car and a Dr Who Tardis – neither of which are actual time machines.

Further inside, scientific research relating to time are displayed through a variety of interactive and visceral exhibits including: a mockup of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, which studies the structure of the Universe soon after the Big Bang; an exhibit investigating how tree rings can be used to study the past climate; an interactive app showing how time slows near black holes; a time-lapse video showing the birth of icebergs from a 3km long, 30 storey high Greenland glacier; and a 100 foot long “Time Wall” depicting the history of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present.

We encouraged visitors to engage with the exhibition – they write their thoughts about what the future will bring on our “Future Wall” – which has even spawned its own twitter page: