What are we?


Oriel Science is a public-facing exhibition and outreach teaching space showcasing exhibitions based on research from Swansea University’s College of Science and on wider scientific themes of relevance to the daily lives of the public. The Gallery's core business will be hosting rolling exhibitions delivering a wide ranging outreach programme to schools and the public.



The modern world revolves around science and technology and yet the general public are often under-informed about this important aspect of their lives. This is not through a lack of appetite but often due to the absence of an informed and accessible platform for exploring science. The University already has a broad and significant STEM outreach presence within the local and regional community. The Gallery will offer a hub for an expanded programme which would deliver; a rolling programme of public STEM exhibits; a workshop programme for school students; the opportunity for public facing STEM works experience for students of school and post-school age.


Oriel Science will be the public ‘shop front’ of Swansea University’s science research. Our vision is for a permanent space, in Swansea, to house rolling thematic exhibitions aimed at school students and the wider public. The Gallery will take snapshots of on-campus STEM research, craft them into compelling exhibits, place them in a dramatic setting and engage, educate and enthuse all. The Gallery’s mission will be to bring the wonders of Science to the public through relevant, engaging and visceral exhibits, which will inspire visitors to think explore how science and technology impact their daily lives.