When The Cabinet Secretary For Education Came To Visit.

When the Cabinet Secretary for Education came to visit.

Earlier this year Kirsty Williams, the Cabinet Secretary for Education, came to see what Swansea University had been working on. Various departments from across the university came together to demonstrate their work in a STEM outreach showcase. Of course, we at Oriel Science were happy to show off some of our equipment, which we have been using at all sorts of events for schools.  Although brief, it was a very enjoyable meeting with Kirsty Williams where we were able to discuss Oriel Science and what we aim to do in the future.

The STEM showcase also included our friends at S4 who demonstrated the power of goo to Kirsty Williams, and the Vice chancellor. The showcase finished up with a presentation from Mary Gagen and Chris Allton, discussing the progress we have made, and our aims for the future.